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Flooring Articles

How to Measure for Carpet Diagram

This diagram will help you understand the factors that go into measuring carpet.

Private Label Carpet

(03-02-10) Navigating the world of carpet style names can be tricky business. This common industry practice can stand between you and saving money. Let us help.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Carpet Tile

Carpet tile is great for commercial applications, and here are 5 reasons explaining why it is the right choice for commercial applications.

Why Choose Armstrong Vinyl?

Explore the features and differences between Armstrong's Award winning sheet vinyl flooring products.

How to Choose The Right Carpet

It can be a little confusing trying to compare different types of carpet including fibers and carpet construction. Let our experience help you make an informed decision.

Beware of Carpet Fraud

Every year customers across the country fall victim to fraud. This article explains how some retailers and installers trick customers into buying far too much carpet.

Cabin Grade vs. First Quality: Which is cheaper?

There is less than a 10% price difference in the total installed price of cabin grade versus first quality wood.

Carpet Selection Guide

Carpet Construction Basics

How Much Did You Pay for That Carpet?

Your square yard price is only the beginning. Be sure you're only paying for enough carpet to cover your floor. Otherwise, you might be paying for phantom carpet, and leaving cash on the table.

Janka Hardness Chart

The Janka Hardness Test measures the capacity of a wood to withhold pressure.

Spot Cleaning Solution Dyed Carpet

This article will give you great information about spot cleaning solution dyed carpet.

The History of The Carpet Industry

Explore the history of tufted carpet, and its roots in Dalton and greater Northwest Georgia.

What is Promotional Grade Carpet?

We've been asked many times over the years what is meant by promotional grade carpet. We thought it would be a good idea to explain exactly what it means here.