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Private Label Carpet

Private label carpet is a term for when a dealer changes the name of a carpet style to a unique name used only by that dealer. Therefore, the carpet has the dealer's private label name instead of the manufacturers'.

This is a common practice among retailers. Big box stores like Lowes and The Home Depot are notorious for private labels. These companies use "private labels" to prevent customers from comparing prices with other retailers. In other words, these retailers don't want you to see a style you like in their store, and then shop around for better prices elsewhere.

Here is an example of private labeling. Shaw Industries may have a style that they call "Cadiz." The Home Depot may sell this style under the name "Forever." Lowes may call it "Time Out." When Shaw makes it for Carpet One Stores it may be called "Free Port," and when it is made for Carpet Express, we will call it "Hard Rock." The style that Shaw Industries calls "Cadiz" is literally sold under thousands of different private labels. Private labeling makes it extremely difficult for customers to compare prices when shopping for carpet. It is very confusing when the same carpet has so many different names.

There are a few ways of working around private labels. Having an expert on your side will make dealing with private labels easier. Before you make your next big flooring purchase, give one of Carpet Express' experts a call first (800) 922-5582. Saving money isn't always easy, but the flooring experts at Carpet Express can make sure private labels don't stand in the way of big savings.

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