Sheet Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for beautiful floors and amazing value, look no further than sheet vinyl flooring. As a major distributor of sheet vinyl flooring, Carpet Express serves wholesale and B2B customers across the USA. For homeowners, this means unparalleled access to the most popular vinyl sheet styles and patterns at wholesale discounts.

Forget everything you thought you knew about sheet vinyl flooring. This economic and durable flooring is not your grandma’s linoleum! Instead, modern sheet vinyl flooring recreates the look and feel of stone, tile, and hardwood floors. Vinyl sheet flooring is the perfect choice for homeowners, active families, and busy offices or commercial spaces. It is water-resistant and is built to look good-as-new for years to come.

Sheet Vinyl - Best Selling Styles

These vinyl floors offer realistic embossed textures and hi-def visuals. Request your free samples today and see for yourself!

New 150ml Vinyl Collection

The Arcardian Collection is the ultimate ultra-thick sheet vinyl flooring. These colors are inspired by antiquity and the stunning patterns have been updated with with a modern color palette.

Cheapest Price on Vinyl Floors

Browse through one of the most extensive collections of vinyl on the web!

Armstrong Vinyl - Instock Specials Ready to Ship

We stock the most popular styles in Armstrong's Initiator, and the StrataMax Better Collections.

America's most trusted Sheet Vinyl Flooring brands at the lowest prices.

Sheet vinyl flooring is one of the least expensive and most beautiful floors in the industry today. Furthermore, manufacturers have made amazing strides in recreating the look and feel of stone, tile, and hardwood. Hi-definition visuals are enhanced by embossed textures. Then, a tough wear layer is added for protection. The end result is a beautiful floor that's perfect for active families and businesses.

Durable and Long Lasting Sheet Vinyl flooring available at discounted prices. As one of the top cheap vinyl flooring distributors in the USA, Carpet Express specializes in the wholesale B2B market. As a result, homeowners across America have access to our huge inventory and cheap wholesale prices. You will find discounted prices on our Showcase Collection, Armstrong, Mannington, Tarkett, Shaw, IVC, Congoleum, and in stock specials.

Stunning Designs
Sheet vinyl is the flooring industry standard for value for the money. However, modern manufacturing and design techniques means customers can also expect realistic graphics and textures. Gone are the days when vinyl sheet flooring meant compromising on the beauty of your floor. We stock a wide range of designs, classic and modern.

There are four main types of designs:
  • Wood-look flooring
  • Stone-look flooring
  • Tile-style flooring
  • Decorative patterns
Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible for vinyl flooring to appear like hardwood, stone or tiles. If a room calls for a more creative design, rather than a classic floor look, decorative patterns are a great choice. We offer a wide range of designs in all four types. They cover different price ranges, including discount vinyl flooring.  

Long-lasting and Durable
Granted, choosing the design is often the most exciting part of shopping for vinyl flooring. However, it is worth taking a look under the bonnet. 

Vinyl sheets are made of several layers, often including fiberglass. This ensures vinyl sheets remain flat and prevents curling. It also makes installation easier and more convenient.

Great quality vinyl flooring relies on strong backing to help it last longer. Fiberglass backing has become a favorite with many, but felt, foam, and vinyl itself are excellent options.

The benefit of fiberglass vinyl is that it lies flat, and there is no need for the flooring to be glued down. This makes installation easier.
Felt and foam feel more comfortable and protect your joints. However, as the material does curl at the end of the sheet, it needs to be glued down. Vinyl-backed sheet flooring is perfect for high-traffic commercial areas because of its high performance. 

Apart from the backing, vinyl sheet flooring also has a wear layer. As the name suggests, this layer protects your new floor from scratches and other damage to its surface. Which layer to choose? This depends on how much traffic the floor is likely to have. The more traffic you envisage, the stronger your wear layer needs to be.