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Cabin Grade Wood Flooring

Cabin Grade Wood Flooring is a offers a great value but with many caveats. However, with proper planning and installation, customers can have a beautiful wood floor for a fraction of the cost. Most of the peices within a box of cabin-grade did not meet the manufacturer's standards and is sold without a warranty. Compared to running line wood, cabin grade has more mineral streaks, knots, wormholes, color variations, short boards, & missing tongues.  Mohawk cabin grade wood may contain a very high percentage of shortboards. 

Carpet Express recommends 15-20% waste when purchasing cabin grade wood compared to 5-7% for 1st quality.
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  • 3 Oak
  • Cabin-Grade Hardwood Engineered Cabin-Grade
  • 3 inches Wide
$0.99 SQ FT