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Carpet Pad

Although carpet padding is largely out of site and out of mind, it is the unsung hero of any carpet install. The right carpet pad protects your carpet from wear, adds comfort to any room, acts as insulation for temperature and sound, and can even extend warranties. Carpet Express stocks a variety of carpet cushion. Some pads are equipped with moisture barriers that prevent spills from reaching the subfloor, some cushions are ultra dense urethane with anti-microbial proerties, and others are priced for apartments and other application where the cheapest prices are the main consideration.

Our general recommendation is to use a 7/16" 8 lb. rebond pad for residential cut-pile carpet, a 3/8" 8 lb. rebond for berber and a 1/4" 8 lb. rebond for commercial carpet. In many applications, it's best to glue commercial carpet directly to the floor. If you have any questions about which pad is right for you, please give our experienced sales staff at 800-922-5582.
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$0.47 SQ FT | $4.23 SY
REG $1.00
$0.42 SQ FT | $3.78 SY
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$1.11 SQ FT | $9.99 SY
REG $2.00
$0.92 SQ FT | $8.28 SY
REG $1.39
$0.31 SQ FT | $2.79 SY
REG $0.50
$0.33 SQ FT | $2.97 SY
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$0.39 SQ FT | $3.51 SY
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