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Tuftex carpet is now called "Anderson Tuftex." Anderson is Shaw's premium hardwood brand, and Tuftex is their premium carpet brand. In 1946, Anderson Hardwood started as a small, family-owned business. Anderson Hardwood manufactures beautiful, hand-crafted, and American-made hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood. No two planks are the same, which means that all of the company's products are custom floors. The Anderson hardwood flooring features many industries leading textures such as rustic hand-scraping, pebbling, wire-brushing, and more. Consumers can create beautiful, unique, and trendy floors in their homes because of the stylish hardwood from Anderson.
The Innovation of Anderson Hardwood
The company created the Cross-Locked Engineered, which was developed by Anderson's founder, L.W. Anderson. The Cross-Locked Engineered alternates the grain direction of five separate wood piles to create a strong, durable product. In 1997, Anderson Hardwood introduced aluminum oxide high-wear wood floor finish. In 2009, Anderson Hardwood debuted the Luster-Lock Ultra Finish. Luster-Lock is resistant to scuffs and abrasions, which gives consumers a peace of mind because their flooring is durable and long-lasting. The no-wax, the factory-applied finish makes installation of the company's hardwood flooring an easy task. The consumer does not have to stain or sand any of the wood planks. In addition, the UV-cured finish gives the hardwood flooring tougher durability and wearability. The 1/2-inch products have the company's patented Eagle Tongue and Groove system, which also makes installation easier. The company produces every with the Cross-Locked Engineered process. The Cross-Locked Engineered process locks the plies together to create more dimensional stability and split resistance.

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