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Interface may manufacture carpet, but they sell design. As one of the most trusted names in commercial carpet tile, Interface has led the industry in design, sustainability, and high performance carpet tile. Carpet Express is excited to offer Interface Carpets to our customers. Call 800-922-5582 today!

Interface specializes in less is more. The company uses fewer resources and constantly strives to use more sustainable flooring solutions. The company introduced TacTiles, which are a glue-free installation system. TacTiles adheres carpet tiles to one another to create a "floating" floor, which provides better flexibility. The company also created Cool Carpet, which is their climate-neutral carpet tile program. This program zeros out all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the entire life cycle of the carpet tile. Interface also has Intersept, which is a powerful preservative that is safe and effective at protecting carpet tile from mold growth and odors. In addition, the company uses ART, their proprietary Appearance Retention Test that effectively stimulates years of soiling, wear, and routine maintenance to test the durability of their carpet tiles.

Interface focuses on a business model that is renewable, cyclical, and benign. The company focuses on new technologies and systems that reduce or eliminate waste and harmful emissions. They also increase the use of renewable materials and energy sources. The company's Mission Zero promise is to eliminate any negative impact the company has on the environment by 2020.

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