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Evision66 Petprotect

Seagate is a residential patterned carpet from Dixie Home. This carpet is made of Evision66 nylon and features a Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty.

Carpet Express recommends a floorcovering professional to determine the amount of flooring you should purchase. Computer screen colors may vary from actual material. Please view actual samples to ensure your satisfaction.

Dixie Home Style Name: Seagate
Color Name: Frittata
nPile Height: 12/32 x 10/32
Width: 12 Feet
Style Type: Loop/Loop/Cut
Primary Back: Polypropylene
Secondary Back: Action Bac
Dye Method: Solution
Pattern Repeat: 18 x 16
Yarn Twist: 5.5
Fiber: 100% Evision66? SuperiaSD? BCF nylon type 6,6n
Stain Resistance: Evision66? Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty
Soil Resistance: Evision66? Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited Warranty
Texture Retention: Evision66? 15 Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty
Abrasive Wear: Evision66? 15 Year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty
Anti-Static: N/A
Evision66 Pet Protect
Green Label Plus
Made in America

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