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Impress Me I - Cloud Cover

by Shaw Carpet

Sku : E0685-00710


Impress Me I is a residential trackless carpet from Shaw Carpet. This carpet is made of polyester and features Classicbac backing.

Carpet Express recommends a floorcovering professional to determine the amount of flooring you should purchase. Computer screen colors may vary from actual material. Please view actual samples to ensure your satisfaction.

Style Name: IMPRESS ME I
Style Number: E0685
Product Type: CARPET
Size: 12.00 X 150.00
Fiber/Brand: 100% BCF PET Polyester / PHILADELPHIA
Pattern Repeat: NONE
Face Weight: 025.0
Thickness: 0.690
Total Weight: 057.1
Weight Density: 32600
Density: 0001304
Ply Twist: 5.85 / 5.88
Durability Rating: 3.00
Gauge: 3/16
FHA/MEA: 52462
Stiches (Contract Only): 05.58
Primary Backing (Contract Only): POLYPROPYLENE
Secondary Backing (Contract Only): CLASSICBAC
Special Features
Product Data - Flammability
Pill Test: PASS
Radiant Panel: 0
Flamming Mode: 0
Non Flamming Mode: 0
Static: 0
Type Static Control: TOPICAL
Electric Resistance (NFPA99)
Burroughs Method: N/A
IBM Method: N/A
FHA Data (UM44D)
Type: 1
Class: 10 YE
Green Label Plus
Made in America
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