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VCT offers modular flexibility, large format shapes and sizes, long life value, withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic, and

is budget-friendly when shopping at CarpetExpress.com

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Armstrong VCT

Armstrong VCT Tile comes in many different styles and pattes. The large variety of Armstrong vinyl composition tile allows people to create inspiring and innovative flooring designs. VCT is a great flooring choice for high traffic areas. Vinyl composition tile is the most popular commercial flooring, and Armstrong creates wonderful products. Carpet Express offers the complete line of Armstrong VCT Tile at great savings.

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Excelon VCT: A Classically Economical Flooring Solution by Armstrong Flooring

Excelon Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) by Armstrong Flooring stands as an epitome of lasting beauty and extraordinary durability, particularly in areas with high foot traffic. The unique construction of Excelon VCT integrates flowing linear patterns, organic aesthetics, and rich, earth-toned patterns. These features come together to effectively camouflage scuffs and dirt that are commonplace in bustling commercial environments. A part of the Armstrong Flooring portfolio, Excelon VCT is developed through Continuum Solutions, ensuring harmony with other Armstrong Flooring products and assisting you in actualizing your design vision.

The Versatility of Excelon VCT

Excelon VCT is renowned for its modular flexibility, offering an array of shapes and sizes, including large formats, to cater to varying design requirements. This modular design flexibility, coupled with the product's true through-pattern, ensures that Excelon VCT provides long-lasting value. Its sturdy construction not only withstands heavy foot traffic but also manages rolling load traffic efficiently, making it a preferred choice for commercial spaces. Detailed installation, care, and maintenance information is available in the Armstrong Flooring Guaranteed Installation Systems manual (F-5061), accessible on ArmstrongFlooring.com and floorexpert.com.

Value Proposition of Excelon VCT

One of the most compelling aspects of Excelon VCT is its budget-friendly nature, offering remarkable value without compromising on performance. With a proven track record of outstanding performance, Excelon VCT has emerged as a go-to choice for those seeking cost-effective yet reliable flooring solutions. In addition to its affordability, Excelon VCT proudly boasts a low carbon footprint. The product's main ingredient, constituting about 85% of its composition, is North American limestone, which is locally quarried. This local sourcing further minimizes the product's carbon footprint, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Armstrong Flooring: Proudly Made in the USA

As a primarily domestic manufacturer, Armstrong Flooring showcases its commitment to supporting local industries. With five manufacturing plants strategically located across the USA, Armstrong Flooring produces high-quality flooring solutions from both global and domestic content. This ensures that when you choose Armstrong Flooring products like Excelon VCT, you're not only opting for superior quality but also contributing to local industry growth.

To sum up, Excelon VCT by Armstrong Flooring presents a classic yet economical flooring solution that seamlessly blends durability, aesthetic versatility, and environmental responsibility. Its superior construction, flexible design options, and budget-friendly nature make it a preferred choice for commercial spaces. With its production rooted in the USA, choosing Excelon VCT means investing in a product that stands for quality and supports domestic manufacturing.