Sku : 67510-72010
Size : 12
Width : 12 feet
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  • Airstep Evolution - Colonial Plank - Dark Khaki Details & Specs
    • Airstep Evolution
    • The attractive weathered look of Colonial Plank has deep distinctive etching and coloration that only decades of sun, rain, and wind can produce. Gently distressed by nature, Colonial Plank produces a restful, rustic installation reminiscent of older times. Prices listed are cut prices. Roll prices may be up to $1.25 per square yard less. Call or request a quote today to see if your order qualifies.

    Usage: Residental
    Collection: AirStep Evolution
    Pattern name: Colonial Plank
    Pattern size: Random x 36"
    Style: Wood
    Gloss: Low
    Traffic: High
    Quality: Luxury
    Wearlayer: Urethane Scotchgard Protector
    Warranty: AirStep Extended Lifelong
    Width: 12'
    Installation: Your Choice Plus
    Carpet Express recommends a floorcovering professional to determine the amount of flooring you should purchase. Computer screen colors may vary from actual material. Please view actual samples to ensure your satisfaction.

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    Carpet Express in Dalton GA

    The Carpet Express showroom and distribution center is in Dalton GA. Our location enables us to offer prompt delivery and dependable service throughout the United States of America.

    The shipping department at Carpet Express takes great pride in packing and shipping orders correctly. As a floorcovering dealer who regularly ships to individuals and dealers across the United States, we know the importance of proper packing and using the most dependable truck lines.

    When placing an order online, the shipping charges will be added. We partner with multiple freight carriers to create a realtime shipping quote system. However, if you have any questions, your Carpet Express sales representative will provide you all the shipping details, including cost, approximate delivery time, and phone numbers for your local shipping terminal. Remember, you are responsible for unloading home deliveries. Many individuals have their installer pick up their order from the local terminal. This also saves a home delivery charge.

    When shipping outside of Georgia, you will not be charged a sales tax. This will greatly offset shipping charges.

    Approximate Terminal Delivery Schedule and Rates for Carpet

    Delivery Time 2-4 days 4-6 days 5-7 days 5-8 days
    Rate (per yard) $.40 - $1.00 $.70 - $1.50 $1.00 - $2.00 $1.25 - $2.25

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    Home deliveries generally run $50-90 more than terminal rates. Please remember, you are responsible for unloading home deliveries.


    When you or your installer picks your order up from the shipping terminal, or if you receive a home delivery, visually inspect the packages, rolls, etc. for damage. If damage is seen on your package, write on the shipping bill of lading that the shipment is damaged, and immediately call your Carpet Express sales representative. If damage is not discovered until the goods are opened at home, immediately call the truck line and Carpet Express to report the concealed damage. Also be sure the number of packages and rolls exactly match the bill of lading. If you have any questions, please call Carpet Express, because once you have signed the bill of lading, you are saying that all goods were received, and the packages and rolls were in good shape.

    Look before you cut! Inspect your carpet and vinyl rolls for visible defects before you cut your flooring for installation. If visible defects can be seen, please call the Carpet Express claims department immediately, before you begin installation.


    AirStep Lifelong: will not wear out~Lifelong@will be free of manufacturing defects~Lifelong@will not stain including stains from asphalt tracking, rubber - backed mats and common household items~25 years@will not fade or discolor from heat or sunlight~25 years@will not discolor from mold, mildew or alkali~25 years@will not gouge, rip or tear from normal use~25 years@will not permanently indent when proper floor protectors are used~25 years
    AirStep products featuring Scotchgard? Protector provide these additional warranty provisions: will not gouge, rip or tear from normal use~15 years@will not permanently indent when proper floor protectors are used~15 years
    Correct installation practices must be followed to ensure a trouble-free installation. While installation errors are the responsibility of your flooring installer and not covered by Congoleum's warranty, if the flooring is correctly installed following all guidelines in the AirStep Installation Instructions, your AirStep Advantage, AirStep Evolution, AirStep Plus and AirStep Basix floor will be warranted: 1. Not to curl~20 years@2. Not to open at seams~20 years@3. Not to buckle~20 years@4. Not to release over joints in underlayment panels~20 years
    The conditions 1, 2, 3, and 4 above will be warranted as long as the flooring is installed in an occupied residence that maintains a temperature range of 55? to 100? F. Any of the above conditions will not be covered if caused by job site environmental conditions in new construction or renovation work.@The AirStep Lifelong Limited Warranty provision covers material for the period of the warranty and reasonable labor costs for five years if professional installation was paid for when the original floor was installed.