SmartStrand carpets from Mohawk have built-in stain and soil resistance that never washes or wears off. These carpets have a high level of durability and softness, which will make your home even more comfortable. SmartStrand carpets from Mohawk are able to withstand all kinds of foot traffic and household action without any problems. For example, SmartStrand carpets were able to withstand foot traffic from a rhino, an elephant, and a camel in enclosures at a zoo for weeks. The carpets cleaned well and bounced back after having 50,000 pounds of constant animal pressure.

Also, we have a great new product from Mohawk’s SmartStrand called SP32. SP32 is a 32 oz SmartStrand carpet that is 12′ wide. This carpet is available in a nice brownish color called Tender Taupe. This carpet is a first quality product and it will be sold at $0.66 per sq. ft. or $5.94 per sq. yd. Also, this carpet features the SmartStrand Forever Clean feature, which makes the carpet durable and easy to clean.

Click here to see our new Mohawk SmartStrand carpet called SP32.

Click here to see our collection of Mohawk SmartStrand carpet.

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