In 2018, EF Contract unveiled a new commercial line of products to the flooring industry in the form of Kinetex. Defined on their website as “an advanced textile composite”, Kinetex infuses the durability of hard surfaces (think luxury vinyl tile,ceramic or hardwood) into what we traditionally consider as carpet.

These products are great for clinical environments such as hospitals or other medical facilities because of Kinetex’s unique construction. The nylon fibers that comprise the wear layer of Kinetex help minimize airborne particles that contain allergens such as dust and other irritants from getting back into the air that we breathe. This is a common problem for hard surfaces such as vinyl or tile because the allergens and dirt are sitting on the surface of the floor, and can be redistributed back into the air by cleaning . With Kinetex, the allergens and dust cling to carpet keeping the disturbance in the air near to the ground.

While Kinetex is an ideal product for healthcare, it also has many benefits for other commercial spaces. Since it is constructed similarly to a carpet, it improves the acoustics of a space by reducing ambient noise by absorption, allowing for ” greater voice recognition, fewer mistakes, less vocal strain, enhanced learning and improved occupant perception”. Essentially, you hear the things you need to hear with fewer distractions or mistakes.

However, the benefits don’t stop here. One of the main detractors of carpet has always been its durability and its ease in care. EF Contract has managed to make Kinetex into a product that acts like hard surface flooring in these regards. These products can stand up to heavy foot traffic and rigorous cleaning!

Dart Collection in “Sprint”
Chinook Collection in “Desert Wind”
Sirocco Collection also in “Desert Wind”

Interested in learning more about these products? Contact Carpet Express today to discuss with a sales team member if Kinetex would be a good solution for your space. 

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