DW Select carpet from Dream Weaver is a new collection featuring beautiful and stylish patterns, textures, and colors. The collection draws inspiration from natural landscapes, and these styles bring textures reminiscent of natural materials into the different rooms of a home. This collection offers classic design elements with functionality. So, these products are a great choice for active households. In addition, the carpets in the DW Select collection feature Scotchgard Protector for soil and stain release, and PureColor fiber featuring TwistX.

The TwistX Difference

TwistX technology uses a patented manufacturing process to blend multiple fiber components to achieve wearability and unique styling capabilities. TwistX uses a twist multiplier to deliver durability in synthetic fibers. In addtion, this technology consists of 33% higher bundle sizes, which means each square foot of carpet has more yarn and higher densities. PureColor is made using 30% less energy, 42% less greenhouse gases, and 87% less water so it is a good choice for a more environmentally friendly carpet.

To learn more about the solution dyed PureColor fiber, be sure to check out our blog – “PureColor & PureSoft Cashmere”

DW Select Warranties:

Lifetime: Stain Resistance, Fade Resistance, Pet Stains Resistance

25 Year: Soil Resistance, Abrasavice Wear Resistance, Texture Retention, Manufacturing Defects

Carpets in the DW Select Collection:

Aberdeen DW Select
Artisan DW Select
Atlantis DW Select
Baja DW Select
Century DW Select
Dublin DW Select
La Costa DW Select
La Costa
Lineage DW Select
Mesa DW Select
Oxford DW Select
Plaza DW Select
Redwood DW Select
Simply Natural DW Select
Simply Natural
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