In the past few years, polyester carpet has taken off in the carpet industry, and there are two main factors that have boosted polyester to nylon‘s number one competitor. Brad Christensen (a Marketing Manager from Shaw) said, “First, improvements in heat-set and twisting technology have helped improve PET’s overall performance and, therefore, reputation. And second, the economic downturn made the value proposition that polyester has always provided even more attractive.”

Advances in fiber extrusion such as heat-seating, twisting, and solution dying have created a much stronger fiber. This has given the consumer confidence in a product that has been viewed as a value-grade offering in times past. The consumer is right to feel confident. James Lesslie, assistant to the chairman, Engineered Floors, told FCNews “The natural stain resistance of polyester combined with the economics are primary drivers to the growth of the fiber.” The various polyesters we offer come with some very impressive warranties. Lifetime stain resistance, life time fade resistance, and 25 year texture retention are just an example of the assurances our customers have that they are buying a quality product.

The Economy
As Brad said, polyester has always been a cheaper alternative to nylon, and the demand for cheaper alternatives is one felt across every market. As one of America’s most forward-thinking and competitive industries, the floor covering industry was quick to recognize and react to the shift in consumer priorities and spending. Its response to this shift in demand was an investment in polyester fiber extrusion and manufacturing. The result has been amazing. In just 5 years, polyester has went from being 5% of carpet sales to 35-40%.

At Carpet Express, we are excited about the products we offer. As a company that prides itself on personal connections to customers, we are constantly updating and creating carpet collections that keep pace with our customers’ ever changing needs. Our customers need options, and we are confident that eColor polyester is an amazing product for an amazing value for our customers.

To read more about the growth of polyester, read Floor Covering News’ article “Polyester sees continued growth through 2013.”

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