When trying to pick flooring for a commercial building, customers want a product that will last a long time for a great price. Many people pick broadloom carpet, but over the last decade carpet tile has become a staple in commercial applications.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should choose carpet tile:

1. Easy to Clean/Replace –
Carpet tiles are a lot easier to clean than broadloom carpet. Broadloom carpet is more expensive to clean because every month or so you have to do a deep clean on the carpet, which isn’t cheap. Carpet tiles are also easy to replace. For example, if you spilled something that stained the carpet, you can just pick up that tile and replace it entirely. However, if you stained broadloom carpet, you would need to replace the entire carpet, which is more troublesome and expensive.
cleaning carpet tile

2. Easy Installation –
Carpet tiles are easier to install than broadloom carpet. In addition, it costs less to install carpet tiles than to install broadloom carpet, and it takes about 20% less time to install than broadloom. Carpet tiles are packaged in boxes so they are easier to bring into the installation area. Carpet tiles are more convenient for commercial buildings with elevators because carpet tiles come in boxes. Imagine trying to fight with a roll of carpet in an elevator, which would be a horrible experience, and then think about how easy it is to just carry boxes of carpet tiles. Carpet tile is also easy to install in odd shaped rooms. Carpet tiles are easier to cut into any size and shape you need than a roll of broadloom carpet is. Carpet tiles win hands down in terms of installation.
installing carpet tile

3. Less Waste –
Most people would just think to throw away carpet tiles because they are flooring, but carpet tiles can be recycled into other products such as plastic car parts, medical equipment, and even new carpet. Say for example that in one year, everyone recycled 20,000 sq. ft. of carpet tiles, which prevents about 46,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the air. Keeping that much carbon dioxide out of the air is the same as not burning 48 barrels of oil, not consuming 8,800 liters of gasoline, not driving your car for 1,500 days, and turning off all the electricity in your house for 990 days. Carpet tiles need to be recycled because there is already so much carpet being put into landfills every year. Carpet is estimated to make up 2% of materials in landfills, which means that by the end of 2014 there will be about 6.7 billion pounds of carpet sitting in landfills. If we were to start recycling every single carpet tile, which are recyclable, then we would quit adding on to that harmful buildup in the landfills. Also, many carpet tile manufacturers are creating recycling or reuse programs, which make recycling carpet tile easier and more manageable than before. Some manufacturers have said that they have reclaimed over 100 million pounds of carpet each year.
recycled carpet tile

4. Customizable –
Carpet tile allows you to have more creative freedom when designing a commercial building. Carpet tile is available in many different colors and they can be easily placed wherever you want them. You can just use one color throughout the entire room with the carpet tile, or you could use one color for the main part of the floor and use another color as a border. You could create a checkerboard pattern, stripes, or even some fun optical illusion type flooring. I’ve also seen some use carpet tile to create an ombre effect with the colors. I’ve also seen carpet tiles using just one main color for most of the floor but random colors will be spread throughout the floor. There are so many possibilities with carpet tiles, and the best part is you can try out as many as you want because the floor does not have to be glued down.
Here is a slideshow of some creative carpet tile ideas:

5. Cost Effective –
Carpet tile may cost twice as much as broadloom carpet, but it will also last two times as long as broadloom carpet. Carpet tile is cost effective because you may pay more up front but the carpet tiles will last for 14 to 17 years, while broadloom carpet only lasts for 7-10 years. Also, when you purchase carpet tile, you don’t have to buy any underlayment or padding because the carpet tile has a backing on it that makes it fine on its own. After purchasing the carpet tiles, you can easily save a lot of money on installation, which was already mentioned above.
cost effective carpet tile

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