Maximum Durability with Astonishing Softness

SmartStrand Silk Reserve from Mohawk is the company’s softest carpet yet, and it features a high level of durability thanks to Mohawk’s SmartStrand fiber. The SmartStrand Silk Reserve collection features an all-new level of softness in a fresh color palette and classic patterns.

SmartStrand Silk Reserve

Design Inspiration

This new SmartStrand collection features a large variety of white, cream, taupe, grey, and blue hues. The new shades and patterns are influenced by Mediterranean architecture, which gives these carpets a sophisticated look.

SmartStrand Silk Reserve

Carpet Structure

Each carpet has 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. This amount is three times more than Mohawk’s nylon carpet. Customers are able to have luxurious softness and keep the carpet durability.

Features of SmartStrand Silk Reserve

This collection of carpet from Mohawk has a lifetime, built-in stain protection and a Nanoloc Spill & Soil shield. Cleaning this carpet is easy thanks to the stain protection and Nanoloc shield. The carpets are resistant to crushing and matting. In addition, the carpets have the company’s all pet protection and warranty against pet odors and accidents.

Explore our collection SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpets.

Explore our collection of Mohawk Carpet.

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