anso-nylonShaw’s Anso nylon is a durable and resilient fiber, and it is also exceptionally soft. Nylon comes in a wide variety of textures and colors, which makes it a perfect choice for every lifestyle. Anso nylon was created in a way that it can be recycled, and it is an environmental friendly fiber. The Anso nylon fibers are certified cradle to cradle, which means they can be recycled over and over without end. This fiber also has a high level of resilience and it maintains its original shape and new appearance for a long time. Anso nylon has more than 40 years of carpet manufacturing experience and it has an extensive warranty package, which gives customers a peace of mind when purchasing carpet made of Anso nylon. the patented R2x treatment gives the fibers unsurpassed stain resistance. The R2x treatment helps Anso nylon repel dirt and soil, and it also helps the Anso nylon wear gradually. Having a busy lifestyle is not a problem for Anso nylon because it is made to last. The nylon 6 fibers make it twenty percent tougher than most fibers and it shows less wear over time.
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