3The winter holidays and all the way into February are a great time to use red and white decor in your home. Red and white go great with the winter holiday season, and then the colors transfer well into February because of Valentine’s Day. Red and white will brighten up any room during the dark winter days. White is a clean and classic design color that will really pop when you add a bit of red into the room.
You can use red and white in any room in the house. There are no limits with how and where you can use these two colors together. If you want more of the color to show up in your home, then you can always get white or red carpet. You can pair many other colors with these colors of carpets, so don’t be afraid to be bold with your flooring. Here are a few pictures of how you can use red and white in different rooms throughout the house.

Click here to see our selection of red carpet.
Click here to see our selection of white carpet.

We would love to know if you use red and white for decorating in your home in February or if you use it all year round.











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