Engineered Floors may be less than two years old, but it continues to make a big impact in carpet manufacturing. Located in Calhoun, Georgia, Engineered Floors is making a tremendous impact in the low to mid range priced carpet. Without a doubt, solution dyed polyester is the best value in carpet today, and no one makes it as good looking or as cheap as Engineered Floors.

The price is cheap but this is the highest quality polyester in the carpet industry. Brand new state of the art fiber extruders, twisters, and heat setters produce the durable fiber that makes these fantastic products. It’s fantastic (not just because it is cheap) but because it performs great too. The fiber is solution dyed which makes it extremely stain proof, and able to stand up to aggressive cleaning. It’s a filament so it will not fuzz, and the fiber has a high twist level which makes it very durable.

Carpet Express sells a style called “Cadillac” for $1.22 a square foot. This is probably the best deal on higher end residential carpet I have ever seen. This is an exceptional value for a 45oz casual trackless carpet.

Engineered Floors was founded by Bob Shaw (the founder and former CEO of Shaw Industries). It will be interesting to see what Engineered Floors will do next!

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