white carpetUsing the color white during the winter or for a large part of your home, may seem a little much, but white is a beautiful color. Many modern designers use white for the flooring or the walls of the home. The color white gives your home a clean look, and there are so many color pairings and design patterns you can use with this color.
If you don’t want to paint the walls white or use white flooring, then you can always use the color for the furniture and accent pieces. A lovely white couch will become a great spotlight for any room. The best thing about using the color white in your home, is that this color will work well in any season. 1V15-537
If you do decide to go with white carpet for your home, then I suggest using some white carpet from Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean collection. Cozy Comfort is a great soft carpet from Mohawk that has the SmartStrand Forever Clean, and this carpet comes in a lovely white color called ‘Billowing Cloud.’ With the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets, you do not have to be afraid of having white carpet because this carpet cleans easily and is resistant to stains. Whether you have kids and/or pets, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets allow you to have the color carpet you want without worrying.

Click here to see Cozy Comfort from Mohawk.
Click here to see our collection of SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets.


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