Pet-Friendly Carpet for Pet-Friendly Homes

Pet Friendly Carpet

#1  – Purchase a carpet that is easy to care for and clean. Look for fibers that clean easily such as Anso Nylon, Stainmaster Pet Protect Nylon, and Smartstrand.

#2 – Stain resistance is a must have since pet accidents are inevitable, especially with puppies and kittens.

#3 – Unfortunately, pet odors are part of having a pet. The pet-friendly carpets from Shaw Carpet, Mohawk Carpet, Dixie Home, Tuftex Carpet, and Carpet Express’ Showcase Collection have pet odor elimination properties.

#4 – Pet foot traffic tests a carpet’s durability. Be sure to pick a carpet that will maintain its texture retention and appearance.

Do not be afraid to have carpet and pets in the same home. There are many wonderful carpets now made for homes with pets in mind. Shaw, Mohawk, Tuftex, Dixie Home, and Carpet Express’ Showcase Collection have some beautiful pet-friendly carpet options.

Check out the pet-friendly carpet options, the Carpet Express’ Showcase Collection carpet, Shaw carpet, Mohawk carpet, Tuftex carpet, and Dixie Home carpet.

Pet Friendly Carpet room scene



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