smart homeThe 2014 HGTV Smart Home, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee, showcases the latest home technology fused with Eco-friendly features and energy efficient design. This year’s Smart Home features many floors from Shaw, and all of these floors add green qualities, better efficiencies, and luxurious style to every room of the Tudor-style home.
The home has hardwood, area rugs, carpet, tile, and stone from Shaw Floors. The home features an engineered hardwood called Smart Style, which is Cradle to Cradle certified to meet the world’s most rigorous criteria for environmental responsibility.
The carpet used in the home is Cashmere II, which is from Shaw’s Caress collection, and Idyllic Escape. Caress by Shaw mimics nature’s flawless palette with its variety of 50 shades in essential neutrals, atmospheric blues, verdant greens, quiet grays, and earthy browns. Cashmere II is soft and it is made with the durable Anso Caress Nylon. This carpet is also treated with Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil resistance system. Idyllic Escape is a 100% nylon carpet that is great for active families. smart house 2
The 2014 HGTV Smart Home also uses different tile and stone flooring by Shaw. The home has ten different tile and stone flooring by Shaw. The products used were: Glass Essentials, Glass Essentials 3×6, Elements 3×6, Colonnade Mosaic, Boca Basketweave, Boca Pencil Liner, Nepal Mosaics, Boca Hexagon Mosaic, Turnbury 3×6, and Briarcliff. Tile is always a great choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, which is where these floors were used. All of these tile and stone floors resist moisture, stains, and bacteria, which make them naturally hygienic. Also, tile is an Eco-friendly choice and some of Shaw’s styles contain 40% recycled content.

All of these floors look great in the HGTV Smart Home, but they would also look great in your own home.

Click here to see our collection of Shaw’s engineered hardwood.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw’s carpet.
Click here to see our collection of Shaw’s tile.

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