Over the years, the price of domestic species hardwoods have been increasing in price, but exotic hardwood prices have stayed the same. You can now purchase exotic hardwoods around the same price as domestic species hardwoods.

Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, and Amendoim are the top three exotics that are trending right now. All three of these species have beautiful colors, which will look great in any home. Brazilian Cherry hardwood has a stunning grain, which is full of depth and it has a Janka rating of 2350.

brazilian cherry

Tigerwood is a gorgeous and unique exotic hardwood to have in your home. Tigerwood hardwood features varying sizes of stripes of a darker color throughout the planks, hence the name tigerwood because it resembles a tiger. Some planks will have more stripes than others, but this hardwood will create a beautiful floor for any home. Tigerwood has a Janka rating of 2160.


Amendoim is a light to medium reddish brown hardwood, which sometimes will have darker stripes on the planks. There will not be as many stripes like tigerwood has, but there will be some. Amendoim is a great choice if you love darker hardwoods because this wood will darken with age. Many relate its overall appearance to mahogany. Amendoim has a Janka rating of 1912.


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