Wide plank wood flooring allows the home to have a beautiful aged look because of the knots and areas of open grain in the wood. Solid hardwood has the most options of wide plank flooring, but engineered and laminate wide plank flooring are also great choices. The best feature of wide plank flooring is that you are not limited. Solid hardwood options range from pine, oak, walnut, Brazilian cherry, and many more. Engineered hardwood and laminate can go into rooms where solid hardwood is not recommended, and the rooms that do not need solid hardwood are basements and bathrooms.

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Click here to see our Janka Hardness chart, which is used to measure the capacity of different species of wood to withstand pressure.

    Here are some of the wide plank flooring options that are trending right now:


  • Hand-scraped           

  • Distressed                 

  • Mixed width              

  • Laminate                    


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