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To create a Victorian living room you first need to pick a great flooring. I would suggest using our copper colored Black Forest solid hand-scarped hardwood flooring. The copper color and subtle hand-scraped details will go well with any other colors and textures used to design the living room. Also, you can match any color or design of area rug with this style of hardwood.

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After you’ve picked out the right flooring and possibly an area rug, then you can have fun picking out the furniture, wall decor, lighting fixtures, and accent pieces. The most important piece of furniture in a Victorian design is a tufted sofa. There are many new and old styled tufted sofas you could use, and the best part is they are now made in so many different colors. You could go for more curved tufted sofas or more boxed ones, but any of these styles of couches will work.
tufted sofa
The next design elements to worry about are the lighting and wall decor. Many Victorian styled rooms feature a chandelier of some sort, whether big or small, but if a chandelier is not your style, then you can go with a creative hanging lighting fixture. They make many unique lighting fixtures, so your design options are limitless. For wall decor, you can do almost anything you want, but you need to have a mirror. The mirror needs to be ornate, either a wood or metal frame, and it should be at least a nice medium size.
vic 3Once you’ve bought all of these design elements, then you can have fun painting the walls, buying accent pieces for the room, and picking the perfect artwork for the walls.
If you have any other Victorian design ideas, then we would love to hear them.

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