COREtec RCB (Rigid Core Board) and COREtec WPC (Waterproof Composite Core) from US Floors are great products with many similarities, but they both differ in terms of applications. The Rigid Core Board and Waterproof Composite Core flooring are both 100% waterproof and structurally stable. Both COREte products have a wide variety of stylish decors and textures. The Rigid Core Board and Waterproof Composite Core flooring from US Floors are easy to install. In addition, these products do not require acclimation. However, the products do differ in terms of applications. They each suit a specific type of installation.

Commercial or Residential Application?

The COREtec Pro Plus from US Floors is a high-density rigid core flooring. This product was developed to withstand high impact and resist indentation. The high mineral content and dense core are what make this product able to withstand such conditions. COREtec Pro Plus works well in a mudroom or basement. However, this product works better in commercial settings such as boutiques, retail shops, offices, and more. This product with the rigid core board is really made for locations with high traffic loads.

Although COREtec Plus, which is a WPC (Waterproof Composite Core) flooring, is used in some moderate commercial environments, it is really suited for residential use. When US Floors manufactures COREtec Plus, they add a foaming agent to the flooring that creates tiny air pockets throughout the planks. These tiny air pockets improve sound quality, insulation, and cushion underfoot. This WPC core is combined with a thick luxury vinyl top layer and a cork underlayment, which creates a comfortable floor for any home.

Flooring for Every Installation Type

Overall, both COREtec with Rigid Core Board and Waterproof Composite Core offer features and benefits to a large variety of installation options. Customer preference, fashion, design, and installation budget are the main determining factors when purchasing this product for your application.

Explore our collection of COREtec flooring.


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