For many years, sheet vinyl was basically the only option for kitchen flooring. Sheet vinyl is understandable for a kitchen because it is easy to clean and doesn’t get destroyed like a hardwood flooring if the sink busts or there is a big liquid spill. However, there is a new flooring option that will give a sophisticated look to any kitchen. Coretec Plus from US Floors is a waterproof luxury vinyl tile flooring that will look perfect in any kitchen.

The waterproof planks are available in many different colors and styles, such as wood or tile. You can now have a floor that looks like hardwood flooring in the kitchen, but in reality it will be US Floors Coretec Plus LVT. The tile designs in the Coretec Plus collection are modern, sleek, and stylish.

Here are a few kitchen design ideas that you can make with Coretec Plus luxury vinyl tile:

Check out our collection of US Floors Coretec Plus flooring.

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