Black flooring and white flooring are beautiful design options for your home when they are used separately. However, when a floor uses black and white vinyl or tile together, then you will have a bold and unique look. Don’t be afraid to be a little daring in your kitchen or bathroom. A black and white flooring goes well with so many colors. This color scheme adds drama to a room, and it makes everything else in the room stand out. Many designers are now using black and white flooring in more than just the kitchen and bathroom.

A classic way of using the black and white color scheme is with the checkerboard pattern. This pattern is common, but it adds a pop to the room. Also, the black and white checkerboard can give your home a nostalgic feel to the 1950’s, which many people love. Another similar way to use this color scheme is by putting the tile squares on the diagonal, which creates a diamond visual. This look makes the room have a clean and luminous appearance.

If you prefer flooring with the colors mixed more, then you can use mosaic tile or vinyl flooring. If you do not want just black and white, then you can add one color of your choice and your floor will have an even more dramatic look. The pinwheel design is another great choice. A single black tile is surrounded on all sides by white tiles to make the pinwheel design, but you can create it the opposite way as well.

Black and white used together as a floor’s color scheme gives your home a sharp, unique, and bold look.

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