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Need to know which product to choose? Have an installation question? Want to know the best way to fix your floor? Ask the Experts at Carpet Express and get the reliable advice you need.

Mike Jones and our Floor-Tek Installation team, and would like to share their knowledge and experience to help our DIY customers.

Mike began his 32 year floor covering career as an installer and has been the General Manager at Carpet Express for the last 15 years. His installation expertise includes carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate. Mike teaches advanced installation classes to experienced installers at our Floor-Tek training school, and will be glad to answer your questions.

Jim Young, Suzanne Roberts, and the rest of our seasoned sales staff have wealth of experience that they will gladly share with you. Let them help you choose the floor that is right for your project.

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  1. Experts,
    I have a question for you concerning hardwood installation. We have a large space that makes up several rooms. We are thinking about laying one section out in a diagonal (I know it makes things difficult). But my question is this: Between the ‘straight’ area and the diagonal I was going to install a perpendicular board as a transition. Do I need that or can you butt up the edge of the diagonal board to the straight one? In either case do I need to slot the end of the cut diagonal board to accept the groove (of either the transition board or the straight boards)? If so, what is the best way to do that?


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  2. A great informative site. I sure wish I had seen it before my install. I laid Bruce’s cabin (tevern) grade. I knew about all the minor imperfections it could have, in fact I even like um. Makes it look a bit more real. What I do not like though is the edging where the planks come together. the lock and fold is not nearly engineered as the 1st quality. Overall, it is nothing like the 1st quality Bruce flooring I have used in the past. Is there any thing I can do to make the seams more level. As they are right now, not all of them, you can catch a toe on it if not careful.

    Thanks os much for you valued input.

    Garland, texas

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