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For many years, the words “sheet vinyl” have evoked images of dated floors, such as those that were commonly installed in a 1950s kitchen. Today, however, sheet vinyl’s visuals are lively, modern and even fun, with the ease of maintenance and waterproof capability of other resilient flooring.

“For homeowners, vinyl sheet is a compelling alternative to natural stone, ceramic tile or even hardwood that can be installed as a single solid surface in moisture-prone rooms like kitchens and baths,” explained Yon Hinkle, director, product design and innovation for Armstrong Flooring. “Unlike sheet floors from a generation ago, today’s designs feature far more depth and texture, so stone or wood-inspired designs are convincingly realistic.”

Wood Wows
Wood looks will never go out of style, but these visuals in the sheet vinyl format are now seeing an increase in popularity due to advancements in print technology. According to Caroline Wille, vice president design and development, resilient for Mohawk Flooring, “Woods in sheet vinyl are on the rise. We are seeing a lot of refined rustic wood patterns selling well and of course oaks always seem to stay in the top sellers.” 

Patterns Aplenty 
One of the benefits of sheet vinyl is that it is available in playful and funky patterns, without the hassle of installation that accompanies other patterned materials, such as tile. Tami Stahl, marketing manager for Beauflor shared that these patterns are enticing younger consumers to tap into the sheet vinyl market. 

“Due to advances in sheet vinyl manufacturing technology, we are able to experiment with more vibrant colors and add touches of bronze, silver and metallic to the designs,” Stahl said, noting sheet vinyl’s ability to offer patterns such as herringbones, hexagons and mixed width looks. 

Marble Madness
Marble is a timeless look on any floor, and sheet is no exception, as it is a format that allows homeowners to be adventurous at an affordable price point. “Those patterns reminiscent of encaustic tiles, or marble, or even a unique geometric design, are becoming more and more popular with today’s homeowners,” explained Terry Marchetta, senior director, residential styling for Mannington Mills. 

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