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  • Work Horse 900 - 4 Gallon Details & Specs
    • Powerhold
    • Covers 60-80 square yards or 540-720 square feet. This high-performance multpurpose adhesive is rated for for residential and light commercial use. High solids, premium performance. Use to install most carpet types including ActionBac, Jute, Woven, Hot-Melt, Unitary and Latex Unitary backed carpets and fullspread vinyl installations. Zero VOC's, Environmentally Friendly.

    POWERHOLD 3000 MULTI PURPOSE FLOORING ADHESIVE: recommended for the installation of the majority of carpet backings used in todays indoor residential and commercial applications. POWERHOLD 3000 is a competitively priced, proven performer, whether installing carpet with Action-Bac, Latex Unitary, Enhancer type backings or felt or mineral backed sheet goods. POWERHOLD 3000 is highly recommended for use in health care facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, dining areas and occupied buildings.
    NOT recommended: for any PVC backed floor-covering.
    SUBFLOOR PREPARATION: Can be used to install over plywood, hardwood and all grades of concrete in the absence of excessive moisture or alkalinity. The tacky installation method is preferred when installing over non-porous surfaces such as terrazzo, wax-free floor tile, and non-cushioned sheet goods. Allow the adhesive to tack up when installing cushion backed carpet. Contact the floor-covering manufacturer for their recommendations regarding approved substrates and suggested procedures for trowel selection, conditioning, seaming and rolling Substrate testing and surface preparation should conform to CRI 104/105 Standards, or ASTM F-710.
    WARNING~ Follow the RFCIs written instructions for removal of any products that contain Asbestos prior to the use of POWERHOLD adhesives. For more information contact RFCI at@ 401 East Jefferson St. Suite 102@Rockville, MD 20850@Ph
    (301) 340-8580.
    APPLICATION: Apply adhesive with a notched trowel per recommendations of the flooring and adhesive manufacturer. Spread adhesive with the appropriate notched trowel-leaving ridges of sufficient height to establish complete contact with back of floor covering. Trowel sizes vary with sub-floor porosity, floor covering backing and open time requirements.
    TROWEL RECOMMENDATIONS: Rough back flooring- 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/8 U-notch
    Coverage = 60-100 sq. ft.
    Smooth back flooring- 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/8 Square notch
    Coverage = 80-120 sq. ft.
    CLEAN UP: Fresh adhesive can be removed immediately with a damp cloth. If the adhesive has dried, use waterless hand cleaner or Mineral Spirits. Do not allow solvent to penetrate the seams. Solvent will dissolve the adhesive bond.
    LIMITED 2-YEAR PRO-RATED WARRANTY: This limited warranty is your assurance that POWERHOLD 3000 Multi Purpose Adhesive meets our high standard of quality and excellence. POWERHOLD is warranted against cohesive failure (loss of bond) and formulated so as not to discolor or cause adhesive-induced staining in todays floor coverings. This limited warranty covers flooring sold and graded as regulars, not seconds or trials. POWERHOLD 3000 is guaranteed for the life of the floor covering, up to 2 years, provided all manufacturers recommendations and industry standards such as thoseguidelines set forth in CRI 104, 105, ASTM f-710 and RFCI guidelines are followed as they pertain to the type of floor covering being installed.
    1. Flooring must be professionally installed
    2. This limited warranty covers materials* on a pro-rated basis for the life of the installation, up to 2 years, and reasonable labor costs.
    Carpet Express recommends a floorcovering professional to determine the amount of flooring you should purchase. Computer screen colors may vary from actual material. Please view actual samples to ensure your satisfaction.

    Carpet Express Shipping Policy

    Buy from Carpet Express with confidence knowing that your entire order will be handled right. The Carpet Express showroom and distribution center is located in Dalton, Georgia. Our location in the "Carpet Capital of the World" enables us to offer prompt delivery and dependable service throughout the United States of America.

    The shipping department at Carpet Express takes great pride in packing and shipping orders correctly. As a floor covering dealer who regularly ships to individuals, dealers, and businesses across the United States, we know the importance of proper packaging and using the most dependable freight companies. Your Carpet Express sales representative will give you all the shipping details, including cost, approximate delivery time, and phone numbers for your local shipping terminal.

    *IMPORTANT: You are responsible for unloading home deliveries.
    Frieght drivers do not unload deliveries. If you choose a home or business delivery, it is very important to have of a few strong helpers to unload the material from the delivery truck. Most flooring materials are very heavy and the rolls or packages are designed to be moved by a fork lift or by a professional installer. Don't Forget About Terminal Pickup. Most customers choose to have their installer pick up their material from their nearest local terminal. This can save you the home deliver charge (as much as $200 saved), and will save you the hassle of unloading yourself.

    *IMPORTANT: Inspect Delivery Before You Accept.
    When you or your installer pick up your order up from the shipping terminal, or if you receive a home delivery please be sure to:

    • Count the boxes and rolls, and make sure your complete order is accounted for.
    • Visually inspect the packages, rolls, etc. for damage.
    If damage is seen on your package, write on the shipping bill of lading a detailed description of the damage found (i.e. damage found at the end of roll), and immediately call your Carpet Express sales representative. If damage is not discovered until the goods are opened at home, immediately call the truck line and Carpet Express to report the concealed damage. Also be sure the number of items (i.e. packages and rolls) exactly match the bill of lading. If you have any questions, please call Carpet Express, because once you have signed the bill of lading, you are saying that all goods are received and in good condition.