Style Maker - Brownstone

  • Queen
  • Style Maker is a Shaw Stainmaster carpet made with nylon that features a subtle linear pattern.

Sku : E0219-00712
Width : 12 Feet
Fiber : Nylon - Stainmaster
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Carpet Express recommends a floorcovering professional to determine the amount of flooring you should purchase. Computer screen colors may vary from actual material. Please view actual samples to ensure your satisfaction.
Product Detail
Style Number: E0219
Product Type: CARPET
Size: 12.00 X 125.00
Pattern Repeat: 2"W X 1 1/2" L HD
Face Weight: 039.0
Thickness: 0.500
Total Weight: 077.5
Weight Density: 109512
Density: 0002808
Ply Twist: 6.25
Durability Rating: 3.50
Gauge: 1/8
FHA/MEA: 52577
Stiches (Contract Only): 12.00
Primary Backing (Contract Only): POLYPROPYLENE
Secondary Backing (Contract Only): SOFTBAC PLATINUM
Product Data - Flammability
Pill Test: PASS
Radiant Panel: 0
Flamming Mode: 0
Non Flamming Mode: 0
Static: 0
Electric Resistance (NFPA99)
Burroughs Method: N/A
IBM Method: N/A
FHA Data (UM44D)
Type: 1&2
Class: SOFTB

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When you or your installer picks your order up from the shipping terminal, or if you receive a home delivery, visually inspect the packages, rolls, etc. for damage. If damage is seen on your package, write on the shipping bill of lading that the shipment is damaged, and immediately call your Carpet Express sales representative. If damage is not discovered until the goods are opened at home, immediately call the truck line and Carpet Express to report the concealed damage. Also be sure the number of packages and rolls exactly match the bill of lading. If you have any questions, please call Carpet Express, because once you have signed the bill of lading, you are saying that all goods were received, and the packages and rolls were in good shape.

Look before you cut! Inspect your carpet and vinyl rolls for visible defects before you cut your flooring for installation. If visible defects can be seen, please call the Carpet Express claims department immediately, before you begin installation.


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Very happy with tbet store. Delivered in a timely manner with no surprises.
Stan in Little Rock

2 days agoReviews
Thrilled with

Very happy with tbet store. Delivered in a timely manner with no surprises.
Stan in Little Rock

2 days agoReviews
Thrilled with

Very happy with tbet store. Delivered in a timely manner with no surprises.
Stan in Little Rock