Sheet Vinyl Flooring for Alternative Care Sites

Carpet Express has recieved several inquiries for sheet vinyl to supply the alternative care sites being constructed across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a leading vinyl distributor and wholesaler, we are equipped and ready to provide sheet vinyl for alternative care facilities like medical tents or temporary floor covering in nontraditional care settings. We have deep stock in sheet vinyl specials starting at just $0.30 pre square foot.

Sheet vinyl is one of the most cleanible flooring solutions. It is 100% waterproof when seemed properly and our looselay vinyl products also minimize the need for glue. These properties combined with the affordability of sheet vinyl make it a highly effective solution for temporary shelters like tents and other facilities. 

For alternative care facilities and medical tents, please call 800-922-5582 for up to 50% off prices listed below.

Sheet Vinyl Styles for Alternate Care Sites: