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Sisal Carpet

Southwind Carpet is a division of Cherokee Carpet that specializes in a wide range of residential and light commercial products. These wonderful products have great prices, and as always Carpet Express has the best prices on America's most trusted brands.
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Carpet Express has made its mark with online buyers when it comes to carpets and other flooring types. Buy with confidence from Carpet Express when buying sisal carpet, and enjoy benefits like:

Retained appearance: Sisal is one of the toughest fibers available in nature. This toughness ensures that Sisal carpets retain their unique texture and woven appearance longer.
Anti-static nature: The natural features of Sisal fiber helps to control humidity in the atmosphere, thus ensuring that the carpets remain static free.
Acoustic Insulation: Sisal’s dense construction insulates both sound and temperature. This makes it perfect for acoustic purposes.
Prevent allergies: The natural tannin in the Sisal fibers ensure that the carpets repel dust mites. These carpets also support vacuuming. That is why people who suffer from breathing conditions like asthma prefer these carpets.
Carpet Express has an extensive range of textured and beautifully patterned Sisal carpets. Please contact us for any special needs related to trimming, binding, and custom rugs. Affordable prices, reliable service, and quality products have always been our standard of doing business at Carpet Express. Call 800-922-5582 for pricing and product information, or simply click “request sale priceâ€ï¿½ to inquire online.