Residential Carpet

The carpet types featured below are residential carpet styles that have been selected for quality and value. These residential carpet styles feature both nylon and polyester carpet fiber, as well as wool and olefin Berbers. Nylon carpet is our most popular choice, but polyester also offers a value that's hard to beat.

Everstrand from Mohawk

Everstrand is an entire family of carpet fibers made from recycled content. All of the recycled content used in making the fibers can be certified. Also, you can choose which recyclables you want in your carpet with complete certainty that your choice is sustainable. Everstrand fibers utilize the by-products from the manufacturing process, and they consume zero virgin petrochemical resources. Everstrand fibers also provide wonderful color and quality, exceptional softness, and dependable durability.

Warranties: Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty - Lifetime Pet Urine Stain Resistance Warranty - Lifetime Soil Resistance Warranty - 10 Year Abrasive Wear Warranty - 10 Year Texture Retention Warranty - 10 Year Fade Resistance Warranty - 10 Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty
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