Water Proof Carpet

We are excited to offer the latest development in carpet construction: Water Proof Carpet! This amazing new upgrade completely stops leaks from ever reaching the pad and subfloor below the carpet. This ensure maximum cleanability and is perfect for homes with leaky faucets and pets! 

Anso is a premium carpet fiber from Shaw. As one of the oldest carpet fibers that is still in the market today, Anso Carpet is backed by exceptional warranties.

Anso Nylon Warranties: Lifetime: Stain, Soil, Pet Urine Stains - 20 Year: Texture Retention, Abrasive Wear, Quality Assurance, SoftBac Platinum - Non-Prorated - Transferable - Labor Inclusive - 30 Day Customer Satisfaction (labor excluded) - Recyclable/Cradle to Cradle Certified - Stairs Included

For detailed warranty and care information, click here.

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