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Plush Carpet
Carpet Express offers a full line of plush carpets. Plush carpet has a surface with a velvet-like visual effect which is luxuriously smooth-textured. Plush is a popular carpeting for formal areas.

Plush Carpet

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Formal Affair
$2.29 /sf   |   $20.61 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Canopy
$3.39 /sf   |   $30.51 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Glaze
Jupiter Island
$4.29 /sf   |   $38.61 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Pale Linen
by Mohawk Carpet | Lemon Zest
No Contest
by Mohawk Carpet | Trellis Rose
by Dixie Home | Pressed Linen
Touch of Velvet
$3.39 /sf   |   $30.51 /sy
by Dixie Home | Briarbush


Formal Affair
Formal Affair
By Showcase Collection | Canopy
$2.29 /sf |   $20.61 /sy
By Showcase Collection | Glaze
$3.39 /sf |   $30.51 /sy
Jupiter Island
Jupiter Island
By Showcase Collection | Pale Linen
$4.29 /sf |   $38.61 /sy
Palmetto Point(S)
Palmetto Point(S)
By Mohawk Carpet | 4