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Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet is tightly twisted yarn which gives this style a bouncy and shaggier appearance than traditional cut pile. This carpet type is durable and will perform well in any room of your home.

Frieze Carpet

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American Twist
$0.79 /sf   |   $7.11 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Cashew
Day Dream
$1.19 /sf   |   $10.71 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Sandlewood
Delightful I
$1.99 /sf   |   $17.91 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Stage Lights
Delightful II
$2.79 /sf   |   $25.11 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Silken
Delightful II
$2.79 /sf   |   $25.11 /sy
by Showcase Collection | Stage Lights
Personal Choice
by Mohawk Carpet | Basketweave
Sierra Shadows
by Mohawk Carpet | December Lace
by Mohawk Carpet | Trail Blazer
Martinsburg II
by Shaw Carpet | Warm Scone
Clever Expressions
by Mohawk Carpet | 563 Brown Wicker
by Beaulieu | Creamy Vanilla
by Southwind Carpet | Cedar Key
Cloudland Canyon
by Mohawk Carpet | Gentle Taupe
Stone Heaven
by Mohawk Carpet | Winter Moss
Superb Impression
by Mohawk Carpet | Red Velvet


American Twist
American Twist
By Showcase Collection | Cashew
$0.79 /sf |   $7.11 /sy
Day Dream
Day Dream
By Showcase Collection | Tiger's Eye
$1.19 /sf |   $10.71 /sy
Delightful II
Delightful II
By Showcase Collection | Silken
$2.79 /sf |   $25.11 /sy
Delightful I
Delightful I
By Showcase Collection | Stage Lights
$1.99 /sf |   $17.91 /sy